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Cas’carrinthein Jackson
I am a person that has so many thoughts but can not put them into words. I look to writing to help me pour my thoughts and ideas on to a page. I might not be someone that knows everything about each subject but I always try. I don't give up very easily and stay respectful in hard situations. I am an open book with no chapters, no book description, and no page numbers. When someone meets me i'd like to say they just jump on in and come along for the ride. The long bumpy ride if you want to be technical. I have a love for body confidence and being confident in who you are. Like myself I'm not scared of being who I am. I will go out to do what I do best like make up, construction, math, etc..I don't go by gender rules. Never have, never will. Some people think i shouldn't be in construction because Its a mans job but Its what I love so I'm going to do it regardless. This is me.

Cas'carrinthein Jackson, Tiger Eye News Staff Writer

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Cas’carrinthein Jackson