Dogs are the most popular pets in the world, but which breeds are the best to own?
Dogs are the most popular pets in the world, but which breeds are the best to own?

Which dog breeds are the best to own?

September 20, 2021

It’s hard for dog lovers to choose just one dog. Looking for your new best friend makes you think, “Which dog is the best to own?” We at Tiger Eye News have compiled a list of the best pups. There are many dog breeds to choose from and every dog is unique and different, just like people. While these breeds are known to be great pets, it’s better to meet these dogs in person to be sure which one is right for you. You might just find the perfect dog!

#1 Irish Wolfhound – If you are looking for a dog that is loyal until the end, this dog is for you! Irish Wolfhounds are known for being very attentive and loyal canine companions. As adults, they can be about 120 lbs. Their coats come in black, grey, white, and brindle.

#2 Pug – Pugs are known to have the cutest faces. They are perfect lap dogs. Pugs are clingy, love to be by your side, and don’t take up much room. They need lots of exercises to keep them active and healthy throughout the day. They are usually 10 to 13 inches tall and weigh 14 to 18 pounds. They have short fur and their skin is wrinkly and loose. Their coats vary in tan, black, or brown colors.

#3 Dachshund – Dachshunds used to be hunting dogs, but now they are a cuddly companion. They are small but loyal and, will protect you with their life. These dogs are great for snuggling and love to play. They can be anywhere from five to nine inches tall and can weigh from 16 to 36 pounds. They come in different coats with many different colors and can be long and fluffy or short and smooth.

#4 Chihuahua – Don’t be fooled by these little guys. They may be small, but they are mighty.  They love to cuddle and they have low energy so they can adapt to an indoor setting very well. Chihuahuas are extremely protective. If this dog is taught young, then they can adapt to people and strangers better. They typically weigh up to six pounds and have big ears that are always up and alert! They can have different coats, long or short, and come in different colors such as black, white, tan, and lots more.

#5 French Bulldog – French Bulldogs are some of the calmest and friendliest dogs you will ever meet. They can adapt to apartment settings and do not need a ton of exercise. They grow up to 13 inches and weigh anywhere from 19 to 28 pounds. They have short legs and have smooth coats that come in brown, tan, or brindle.

#6 Golden Retriever – Goldens are probably the most relaxed and sweetest dogs you will ever meet. They are great for an easygoing companion. They are often used as therapy and service dogs. Golden Retrievers get from 21 to 24 inches tall. Their weight differs anywhere from 55 to 75 pounds. They have a medium-length coat and their colors are in different shades of golden brown to almost red.

#7 German Shepherd – These dogs are reliable and are extremely smart. German Shepherds are also great as service dogs and are very protective of their caregivers. They have beautiful fur that can range from black, white, tan, brown, and brindle. They are 24 to 26 inches tall and weigh 66 to 80 pounds.

#8 Beagle – Beagles are very curious and happy dogs. They are great hunting dogs and have a very powerful sense of smell. Beagles are perfect lap dogs, but can also be very mischievous. They range from 13 to 15 inches tall and around 20 to 30 pounds, Beagles are a great company and make amazing cuddle buddies.

#9 Rottweiler – Most people think of these dogs as “bad dogs” or bully breeds when in reality, they are not. These dogs are known for being protective of their owners. They learn very fast and enjoy playing. Rottweilers have a softer side and are extremely loyal companions. They are 22 to 27 inches high and weigh anywhere from 95 to 130 pounds.

#10 Shih Tzu – These dogs are great lap dogs and are amazing at doing tricks! They are great with kids and are surprisingly calm for a small dog. Shih Tzus are soft, cuddly, and playful when they want to be. They are perfect for apartment settings. They are  8 to 11 inches high and weigh 9 to 16 pounds.

Each dog has a unique personality, and everyone is different. Not every dog is on this list, so we encourage you to go out and explore more puppies. Reading about dogs is much different from seeing them in person. It is important to research and visit many dogs to find the one that is right for you. Hopefully, this list is a good place to start when it comes to finding your forever friend.

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