Aftermath of the Suez Canal

Matthew Comparda

Evergreen compared to the Empire State Building

On March 23rd a cargo ship called the Evergreen got stuck in the Suez Canal.The ship is larger than the empire state building and got its front edge wedged underneath the coast in the canal. The ship being stuck forced all other ships to stop or go around Africa to get to their destination adding weeks to their route. The whole situation costed countries around the canal and countries with ships getting detoured hundreds of millions of dollars.

One of those countries was Egypt, who went to drastic measures to make sure they got their money back. Egypt claimed that the ship would not be allowed to leave until its owner payed them $900 million and seized the ship to make sure it didn’t leave until the company responsible payed for the damage of the situation. The ship was freed on March 29th due to the super moon changing the tides, and ever since its been docked at Great Bitter Lake in Egypt. All 25 crew members remain stuck on board, along with the 18,300 containers of cargo, waiting for the dept to be paid.

There are two companies that are up the bill, but investigators are still determining which company will pay the debt. The Evergreen is owned by a Japanese holding company, Ever Given, but leased by Evergreen Marine Corp. The company that was responsible for hiring the crew was a German company called Bernhard Schlute Shipmanagment. Whoever the investigators decide have to pay the bill are going to be crushed by the near $1 billion dollar debt.

Evergreen ship from side view