Possibility of Prom

March 25, 2021

Prom has always been a major event for high school students. Juniors and seniors get excited all year for a night to remember. This night known for the beautiful dresses, sleek tuxedos, extravagant “promposals” and the photo shoot beforehand with friends, family, and dates. All of these make prom a wonderful thought. Though I haven’t even been to prom yet, this is just the experience I’ve always imagined.

Seniors this year haven’t been to prom and it almost seemed hopeless to even want to go. That is until Governor Mike DeWine announced that, with set guidelines, we should begin planning our prom, graduations, and wedding ceremonies.

With the “go-ahead” from Gov. DeWine to begin the planning, WHS senior advisory board member Jordyn Liegl gave a little insight. “As of right now, prom is happening, but there is still a ton to plan,” she said. “There are still some details that even senior advisory doesn’t know yet that have to be accomplished as well. I’m extremely excited though that we’re able to plan and have a prom at all in this crazy year.”

While there is still some controversy on this topic, the juniors and seniors are more than excited to finally be getting their high school experiences back. Seniors were asked their thoughts on even having a possibility of prom.

“I’m super pumped,” Jayden Nickels said. “We didn’t get the opportunity to go to one last year and we didn’t get a homecoming so the fact that it’s even a possibility makes Covid hitting my senior year a little easier. I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

Zach Holman said: “I think we should be able to have it (prom) because if we can be in school all year and be close to each other, then I think we should be able to have prom with restrictions.”

And Brooke Hamilton said: “It’s a big part of high school, and so much has already been taken from upperclassmen and all the students. I see no problem in having prom if proper protocols are exercised.”

So there it is, prom is happening. Upperclassman, especially seniors, deserve a prom this year. With things that high schoolers once took for granted got ripped away from last year’s seniors, it’s about time these events made their big entrance for the soon-to-be graduates of 2021.

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