Growing up


As a junior, looking back, it feels like we were just freshmen walking into this big school. Now we just finished scheduling for our senior year. It’s crazy. Life has flashed before our eyes and we didn’t even realize it. We never notice how much our lives have changed or how we have changed ourselves.

For example, freshman year, I used to beg my mom to take my friend, Bre, and me to Wendy’s or Dunkin’ when she picked us up from school. Now, Bre takes me home and if we need to go anywhere she drives. Even my mom noticed this. She said, “It’s like you two don’t even need me anymore, you guys never want to hang out with me anymore.” Lately, all my friends have been filling out job applications, because they like to have their own money or they need money to fill up their gas tank. It seems like just the other day we would ask for money to go skating, sky zone, mall, etc. There were days in middle school where we would talk about graduation, how it was so far away. It is so close now that it makes us scared and we are not ready for it. We are worried if we will still be friends/remain in contact.

Before high school, people would say that things are going to change. Everyone told me that I would lose most of my friends and everyone will branch out into their paths. They would always tell Bre and me, especially that we were not going to remain as close as we were or even be friends. We would always say “Yeah right, we will never split up and that will never be us.” Now we look back and laugh at all the people that doubted us. We are going on 12 years of being friends. Yes, we did lose a lot of friends but we also grew closer to people we never thought we would.

A lot of my classmates talking about what colleges they want to go to. Others are talking about how they don’t want to go to college and others just want to go straight for the money. I’m not sure if I even want to go to college because once I graduate I will already be a certified phlebotomist and STNA, but that is not going to fly with my dad. I guess I will have to choose between school or the military. My brother picked the military but let’s be honest, I don’t have what it takes to do. At the end of the day, whatever path you take you can always find a way to be successful.