It’s not uncommon for parents to change their mind when it comes to naming their child. So, what is your “almost name”? (Google )
It’s not uncommon for parents to change their mind when it comes to naming their child. So, what is your “almost name”?


What is your “almost name”?

February 22, 2021

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you didn’t have your name? Or maybe about what your parents almost named you? Well I have. I love my name, but it’s fun to think about the “what if’s.”

Growing up, my mom loved the names Kamry and Micah. She decided that if she were to have a girl those were the names that would like the most. After she found out that I was a girl, and I was her first born, she wanted my name to have some relation to her own. Her name is Athena. In Greek Mythology, the goddess Athena was best friends with Pallas, who was another god.

Senior Diana Alexander shared her “almost name” with me. “My mom thought about naming me Keke because my sister was trying to say ‘candy”, she says. “My sister wanted to name me Candy for some reason, but she was young so it didn’t come out as Candy. I was instead named Diana, after my grandma on my mom’s side.” She finishes.

This is a picture of Diana and her grandma (Diana’s family )

“When I was born my mom wanted to name me ‘Kimberly.'” Says Senior Neida Diaz. “One of the nurses was telling her that, that name wouldn’t fit me because it’s too much of a ‘grown up’ name. I didn’t really understand that, because I would later on be grown up.” She continues. “My mom ended up giving in, which I’m glad she did because I like the name Neida since it’s unique. No one we know has that name.” She finishes.

Here’s a picture of Neida and her mom

“My dad wanted to name me Thane.” Said Senior Ty Egan. “I don’t know why, but my mom said it was stupid.” He continues. “They compromised and just named me Ty.” He finishes.

Some people didn’t have an almost name because their parents already had it set and stone on what they wanted it to be. Hearing the meaning behind people’s name is so fun. Everyone has different meanings for their name and that’s awesome to me.

“I didn’t have an almost name because as soon as they saw ‘Colson’, they picked it because it means son of Nicholas and my dads name is Nicholas.” Said Junior Colson Estep.

“So the story is actually really cool. My mom’s favorite movie while she was pregnant was Cocktail staring Tom Cruise.” Said Senior Jordyn Liegl. “In that movie, the main actress was Elizabeth Shue and her name in the movie was Jordan.” She continues. “My mom loved her character so much she named me after the characters first name and my middle name is name after the actress’s first name.” She finishes.

“They were deciding on what names were cute because it’s tradition that the names start with C or K.” Says Junior Cortney Yoder.  “They don’t have a real reason why they chose it, as soon as they had me they just chose Cortney. She finishes.

Finding out what people’s almost name was, was so much fun. I love hearing why people are named what they are as well.

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