Will the defending champs have their star quarterback

January 20, 2021

The Browns didn’t make it as far as many people wanted them too but we should be impressed and excited for the next season. They put up a decent fight against the Chiefs but it wasn’t enough. Now the big question is will the Chiefs have their star quarterback Patrick Mahomes for the next against Bills. Will the Chiefs will be able to come out with the win without Mahomes. Mahomes took a big hit late in the 3rd quarter that put him out the rest of the game. The tackle was made by number 51 Mack Wilson.


Wilson was going for an attempt on the ball as you could clearly tell with being down only by 9 in the third. You can see Wilson wrap his hand around Mahomes for an attempt on the ball. Wilson’s other had been wrapped around Mahomes neck.

The hand around Mahomes neck was there when Wilson had spun around Mahomes body. Wilson was trying to pull down Mahomes by the neck. If you look closely Wilson may have not been able to pull the arm away that was around the neck. When you look at his arm is in between the helmet and the shoulder pad.

Wilson should not be called a dirty player and neither should the play. Let us know what you think of the hit down in the comments.

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