The problem with America

Matthew Comparda

It’s hard to know where to even start on this story. There’s so many things in this country, that has been deteriorating over the course of our history. It’s disheartening. Politicians are more corrupt than ever, racial tensions are rising again, fights and disputes between people on the right and left continue to grow, the media tells us that our enemies are fellow Americans, and our economy is the lowest it’s been in 4 years. Our government is inept and deeply rooted in failure, and citizens are choosing to be willfully ignorant.
All of these problems have been around for years, decades even, but are more prominent and exacerbated in recent events. We are getting farther and farther away from solving any problems, and this is all for the benefit of the United States government. Over time the US government has been more and more overbearing due to citizens not fighting for change and choosing to be ignorant. The government takes that ignorance and abuses it by stripping away more and more of their citizen’s rights, with most times being to help them out with their own financial life. Acts such as the Patriot Act is an example of stripping citizens from their freedom, allowing the government to know where you are at all times, tracking every text message and every call, and being able to use all of that against you, even if you haven’t committed any crime.
Belief in the political structure in America is faltering completely, leaving people thinking that they can not enact any change, which once again, only benefits the government. People make arguments of, “If you vote you can make a change”, but while that is true to some degree, our government is so full of lobbyists that even if your candidate is elected, they aren’t going to act on the will of the people that elected them, they are going to act on the will of the people giving them the most money.
Our government is not, and has not been for the people since World War II. Since then, there have always been scandals, bribery, misconduct, and lies. When I say the government, I do not mean just the Executive Branch, in fact, most of the corruption happens in the legislative branch because there are more people, with more opportunities to fly under the radar with briberies and such.
I wish that the citizens of this country had a way to hold the government completely accountable for their actions, but it isn’t possible because the same people that are paying the elected officials to do what they want own the majority of the media. One man, Rupert Murdoch, owns 38 news outlets including, the entirety of Fox, the New York Times, The Sun, The Times, and much more television and film industries. This one person can tell these news stations what to publish and what to work on to influence the American citizen’s minds.

Exclusively what Rupert Murdoch owns
6 huge corporations own the vast majority of the media