Olivia’s new song went viral on a huge platform called TIikTok (Google )
Olivia’s new song went viral on a huge platform called TIikTok


Drivers License break down

January 20, 2021


Olivia Rodrigo is a 17 year old actress and singer. You might know her as Nini on Disney +’s “High School Musical The Musical The Series” TV show.  She released a song back in 2019 called “All I Want” which she also sings in the show. She just dropped her new song “Drivers License” on January 8th 2021. It has been blowing up all over the word. It is even the number one song on Itunes and Spotify. It is even now being played on the radio.

If you’re on Tiktok at all then you probably know this song. It is amazing. I feel like you can feel her pain just through the song. You can definitely predict that she went through a break up. It definitely will put you in your feels. Even if you’ve never been through a break up.

“And you’re probably with that blonde girl, who always made me doubt. She’s so much older than me. She’s everything i’m insecure about.”


Olivia was supposedly dating Joshua Bassett who is also her love interest in “High School Musical The Musical The Series.” The fans, and anyone who listened to the song, can guess that the song is about Josh. Who is now her ex. He has been seen being around Sabrina Carpenter a lot lately. (she is most likely the blonde girl.)  Josh is 20 years old while Sabrina is 21.

“And I know we weren’t perfect, but I’ve never felt this way for no one. And I just can’t imagine how you could be so okay now that i’m gone.” Rodrigo sings in her song.


“When I think of the song, I feel like I can never move on because of how much I loved that one person.” Says Sophomore Abby Pennington

“She’s really good about putting her feelings into a song like she’s telling a story.” Says Senior Rylee Toombs. “It’s also very relatable if your going through a break up.”  She finishes.


 On  the album cover for “Drivers License,” the date that Olivia has is February 20th 2021. That is her birthday. But not the real date she was born. Olivia’s birthday was February 20th 2003. So with that being said February 20th 2021 is the date that her and Josh would legally be aloud to date. Since right now she is a minor and he is not.

This love triangle between Olivia,Sabrina and Josh is getting so crazy. Sabrina also just dropped a new song called “SKIN” on January 22nd 2021. Basically firing back at Olivia for saying something about her in “Drivers License.”

Are you as invested in this drama as much as everyone on Tiktok is? Do you like one of the songs better than the other? Olivia and Sabrina are both amazing singers in my opinion. Both songs are amazing in their own way.

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