Construction done right thanks to Mr. Werstler and his students


Pierre Betts, Special to the Tiger Eye News

The Construction Trade program here at Washington High School has been through major growth these past two years. Students were excited to go to the class, but when the first years of that class came, lots of students were surprised to find out that there was a new teacher, and that it was the teacher that most of the students had back in 6th grade. He is Mr. Jason Werstler.

Seeing their previous teacher, most of the class had high expectations for this CTE. They expected this class to be fun and we all immediately started encouraging each other to learn. This made our class become really close knit since most of the students knew each other and most of the students knew the teacher. We all got along right from the start.

At first, the projects that our class did were small, like making footstools for people, but then the projects started getting bigger, like creating footstools out of the old stadium seats and creating benches. We even experienced doing demolition projects downtown. 

Every time the class does something together it makes us grow closer and closer. It also helps people outside of construction class to realize that there are lots of things throughout the school that people ask to be made by us and it’s nice that this class gets noticed a lot for being fun, silly and educational as well.

The kids in this class can even get jobs after high school, propelling them toward their futures and giving them a chance early in their career thanks to Mr. Werstler and this class.