Positions is Ariana Grande’s 6th studio album (google )
Positions is Ariana Grande’s 6th studio album


Ariana Grande: Positions album review

December 3, 2020

Ariana Grande just dropped her new album Positions on October 30th 2020. Positions is her sixth studio album. Grande has been my favorite female singer for a long time. I went to two of her concerts before and both were absolutely incredible.  On this new album she has 14 songs. All songs are different and amazing in there own way.

“Her newest album is so well written and definitely not one we’ve heard  before.” Says Senior Evan Peters. “It’s more of an R&B Pop album, and all 14 tracks are stunning and will leave you wanting to re-listen to the entire album!” He finishes.

I then asked him if he had a favorite song from that album. He said ” 34+ 35 ” and “Safety Net.”

“I wanna love me, the way that you love me… For all of my pretty and all of my ugly too, i’d love to see me from your point of view” Grande sings in POV. In this line she’s talking about wanting too view herself the way others do even when she’s at her worst.

She is now 27 years old. She used to be an actress but loved singing way more. You might know her from her role of playing Cat Valentine on a Nickelodeon show called  Victorious. Then continued portraying that character in Sam and Cat. She has played in other movies/shows but hasn’t acted in a while. I am very happy that she chose to go on the path of singing instead of acting. Though I loved watching her act, I love listening to her music so much just because it puts you in a good mood and it makes you wanna get up and dance.

Ariana Grande has made so many amazing songs. This album just adds to the list.  If you ever wanna listen to music and you want something new, I recommend this album. Like Evan said, you’ll want to keep re-listening too it.

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