When do you start celebrating Christmas?

December 1, 2020

It’s not long until the most wonderful time of the year! This means it’s time for holiday shopping, decorating the Christmas tree, and being around the people you love. Now, a lot of people will say, “It’s only November though!”. The amount of times I have heard that phrase is unbearable. It’s never too early for Christmas!


There’s no doubt, this year has been a struggle for everyone. Let’s not let the holiday season be ruined by these unfortunate events. This year, I decorated as soon as I possibly could and I’m proud to say it. On November 1st, I put up the Christmas lights and my tree in my bedroom. I was so excited to decorate until I heard other people’s opinions. “If you decorate before you’re impatient, Christmas is not to be rushed.”, said Junior Peyton Pearson. Junior Kaid Gardiner claims, “If you decorate before thanksgiving you’re probably stupid.”, which is a little bit aggressive. Finally, “It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!”, from my own mom!

I asked a few other students if they thought it was too early for Christmas. They had much more positive responses. Alice Coughlin said, “Do It, It’s festive and cute and if someone doesn’t like decorating, then they don’t have to.” Junior Karsen Bratton told me, “You have to decorate before so you have more Christmas. Christmas is a 2 month holiday and everyone knows that!”.

In my honest opinion, I think before Halloween is a little too early to decorate, but the Christmas music in my earbuds stars as soon as the weather drops and stays there until spring. Christmas shopping starts soon after, but closer to mid-November.

I am a little biased because I’m all for the early decorating. Think about it this way, the longer the decorations are up, the longer you have an excuse to watch the cheesy Hallmark movies in your pajamas and fuzzy socks with your cup of hot chocolate munching on those fresh-baked cookies.

All I’m saying is that while everyone has their own opinion on when they should decorate for Christmas, there is nothing wrong with getting festive a little early.



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