Fads of Fitness: Ketosis


Julius Fricke, Food Editor Tiger Eye News

Ketosis is a newer dieting fad that emphasizes an increase in high-fat foods and a decrease in carbohydrates, such as bread, starch vegetables, beans, and sugars. The standard keto diet asks for an individual to eat fifty or fewer carbs, which is barely four pieces of bread. The diet itself induces a natural release in the body called ketosis, hence the name, in which the body uses fats to create ketones for energy, instead of burning the glucose that carbohydrates naturally would produce.

Ketones are created by the liver when the body has a lack of glucose which causes fats to be burned for energy. Ketosis became a diet, to begin with as this increased supply of ketones that cross the blood-brain barrier have been known to be able to help treat epilepsy since the 1920s. This was the initial purpose of achieving ketosis until the fat-burning potential of the diet was discovered, which according to one clinical study, can lead to up to 2.2 times more weight loss than the average low-fat diet.

However, the diet can have certain potential risks due to the foods you have to substitute and the change in foods can shock the body, which has the potential to lead to fatigue, weakness, insomnia, and potentially dozens more. It’s potential health benefits are very powerful, but the side effects can potentially ruin the diet for those looking to get into it. If someone were to wish to try it, they would have to be open to changing their lifestyle for at least a month to see the worthwhile results.