Some of your favorite Tigers shared what their favorite Halloween costume was and why
Some of your favorite Tigers shared what their favorite Halloween costume was and why

Seniors favorite Halloween costume

October 30, 2020

Halloween is quickly approaching and kids are super pumped to be dressing up and getting candy. I asked a few Seniors at Massillon Washington High School what there favorite Halloween costume that they ever worn was and why. If you’re in a stump and you don’t know what to be, then some of these WHS answers could maybe even help you.

Kaylee Brown – “I’m going to say when I was a vampire.” Says Brown. “It’s my favorite because my older sister was also a vampire that year so it was fun for my mom to do both of our make-up and hair.” She finishes.

Erin Feit -“This is the  one that is my favorite because I look freakin adorable.” Says Feit.

Jordyn Liegl – “This costume is my favorite because it was so last minute but ended looking super cute!” Says Liegl.Kaitlyn Lutz – “I like the painted on mole and that i’m toothless.” Says Lutz.

Emily Maxhimer – “My favorite Halloween Costume I ever worn was with my sister. I was a squirrel and she was a tree. My mom made a few of my costumes when I was younger and this was one of them. I also liked how it was fall themed and I could match my sister.” Says Maxhimer.

Luke Sabo – “I had an obsession with dinosaurs at the time and I thought if I wore a triceratops costume they would come back alive.” Says Sabo.

Cameron Wright – “This was my favorite because of all the memories we made with each other that day chasing each other around and acting like idiots.” Said Wright. 

Halloween is something everyone looks forward too every year. The candy, dressing up, maybe even for some it’s the scares that come a long with it. Dressing up and being someone, or something,  else for a day is so much fun. Did any of these answers surprise you? Do you have a favorite costume? Leave what it is in the comments!  Hope everyone has a great Halloween!

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