The hottest tickets in town!
The hottest tickets in town!

EXCLUSIVE: Ticket Madness!

Massillon-McKinley Tickets????

October 2, 2020

 The anticipation of the annual Massillon-McKinley football game, along with the capacity restrictions caused a huge demand for tickets.

“The Game” will be played Saturday, October 3, 2020 and is considered the greatest rivalry in high school football. But because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Massillon ticket office limited tickets to football players, coaches, band members, and cheerleaders. They were able to purchase four tickets per person at $10 a piece.

Tiger Eye News Co-Sports Editor Jordon Fromino and other students didn’t hesitate to use social media to try to score tickets, but not all were successful. However, even though the tickets were originally $10, people were selling them for $50 or more. Some sold for as much as $75.  As the week ended prices became higher and some students refused to accept offers of $50 or below.

But there were other people who didn’t care about selling their extra tickets. They just wanted to help others. “I bought four tickets…but my niece decided that she did not want to go,” said one parent. “So I had a two tickets left and I probably could have sold them and got some pretty good money, but I just didn’t feel right, doing that.”

That parent decided to hold onto the tickets, which was a good thing for senior Jenna Ramsey. “I posted on Massillon Virtual Sounding Board, because I wanted to go to the game since it’s my senior year,” Ramsey said. “This lady contacted me this morning. I told her that I could pay her. And she said no, they were for a gift anyways.” So I just held on to them. But then I seen a post this morning. So I messaged her and said we have these to take it for years she was thankful.”

“I honestly feel the seniors should have had tickets because that’s their friends. That’s the people that they go to school with. They’ve grown up with them. This is their big day. I kinda just felt kind of weird about selling them. I don’t know. I just never felt right away selling them, I guess a lot people did. I plan to always be kind and give them away. I think it makes me feel good to show her that there really are kind caring people. Especially with me being a huge Massillon tiger fan. If you were to cut my fingers off I would bleed orange”

Jenna later went on to thank the kind parent with a heart felt quote.

“I really appreciate you doing this for me. I really didn’t want to miss this moment.”



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    Rosario NailNov 14, 2020 at 5:50 pm

    What a beautiful gesture, because those tickets are priceless!