Americans decided who they wanted as their next president. So did WHS
Americans decided who they wanted as their next president. So did WHS

The 2020 Election: WHS decides

November 9, 2020

(Advisor’s note: I want to thank Matthew and let him know how proud I am of his hard work and passion on this story. Weeks before the election, Matthew canvassed the halls every day during journalism class to do the best job. He wanted to compile the most unbiased and fair responses he could. He should be commended for his work.)

The election is over and Joe Biden has been declared the president-elect. But before the national election on November 3, 2020, I spent several weeks conducting an election poll throughout Washington High School. Below is a list of all students that participated in this “election.” Their options were “Neither”, “Donald Trump”, or “Joe Biden.”

Students had the option to have their name in the story or not. If they wanted their name in the story, their name appeared next to the candidate they chose. Not all students actually voted, only about one-fifth of the school’s population voted. The list was compiled in class order- from freshman to senior. Below is an analysis of the data gathered.

  • Freshman – Trump(14) Biden(10) Neither (20)            Trump** = Winner
  • Sophomores – Trump(26) Biden(13) Neither (20)       Trump = Winner
  • Juniors – Trump(24) Biden(7) Neither (23)                   Trump = Winner
  • Seniors – Trump(11) Biden(11) Neither (11)                    2 way tie
  • Overall – Trump(75) Biden(41) Neither (74)                  Trump = Winner

Trump- David Comparda, Braydon Norwood, Mason Herbert, Anonymous (11)

Biden- Emmalee Martin, Braylon Smith, Anonymous (8)

Neither-  Jacob Coe, Carly Conrad, Trevor Grant, Ricky Hamilton, Carson Peters, Xavier Piorkowski, Anonymous (14)


Trump- Sebastian Cary, Robert Fraelich, Parker Harris, Hannah Hoover, Roderick Meeks, Peyton Miller, Race Miller, Ethan Mundell, Anonymous (18)

Biden- Matthew Gingras, Jasmine Mazariegos-Victorio, Caitlin Norris, Morgan Price, Anonymous (9)

Neither- Joseph Abdullah, Makenzie Ailes, Daniel Grandon, Christian Hammond, Synthia Stanley, Anonymous (15)


Trump- Nicole Adkins, Bailey Alt, Brayden Byer, Matthew Comparda, Noah Halter, Daniel Hurst, Cas’carrinthein Jackson, Vanessa Jarrard, James Keffer, Kiley Mason, Kenneth Merritt, Ray Schaub, Samuel Werstler, Maximillian Wertman, Anonymous (10)

Biden- Malcom Aliers, Scott Budner, Sabrina Ellenbruch, Kate McCabe, Anonymous (3)

Neither- Alice Coughlin, Zachariah Oberlin, Anthony Owens, Laney Williams, (19)


Trump- Ryker Moriarty, Brock Morrison, Corvon Thomas, Faith Uplinger, Anonymous (7)

Biden- Sadie Aliers, Brandon Huggins, Eric Thurman, Anonymous (8)

Neither- Christopher Wintrip, Anonymous (10)


*Voting and Voting process was completely unbiased.
**Not counting “Neither” votes in the final vote.
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