Killer Kombucha: What’s the deal


Julius Fricke, Food Editor Tiger Eye News

Kombucha is a sugary tea that is fermented using a special fungal growth called “S.C.O.B.Y.”, which stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. It is most often made from black and green tea, then combined with the yeast and bacterial mix. This beverage has been around for more than two thousand years in China, and spread across the world around 200 years ago as an alternative to other fermented beverages.

In recent years the beverage has skyrocketed in popularity with many, including yours truly, who enjoy the taste and health benefits of the beverage, some of which include increased healthy gut bacteria, natural detox, and energy. Many different brands have came up in this craze to try and become a signature brand for this funky tasting tea, with some clearly being superior to others.

Synergy Kombucha

This is arguably one of the most popular brands of Kombucha available in most major groceries. Originating from Los Angeles, this is easily the most mainstream brand, having a very sweet taste to it and many separate flavors to choose from.

Health-Ade Kombucha

My personal favorite brand, Health-Ade is another, more traditional brand that also hails from L.A. This Kombucha is made in small, five gallon batches, which adds variety to each separate bottle you buy. This brand is stronger, having more bitter tastes in comparison to other brands