Confidence, the new beauty standard


Long straight hair, tall with long legs, and perfectly smooth skin. A few years ago that description was everything that everyone was comparing themselves to, luckily this has changed. Beauty standards were stressful and draining to try to fit into especially when social media came into play. Many felt like if they weren’t as “skinny” or as “pretty” as all the Instagram models, then they weren’t good enough for society. This standard led people to believe that in order to be liked or even accepted that they had to change everything about themselves.

Social medias -mostly Instagram- were filled with models with the “perfect body” and people behind the screen feeling ashamed of their own beautiful bodies. Young girls were being taught to diet and skip meals instead of filling up on sweets and playing as a child is naturally expected to. Young men being taught to workout and fit in with the style. People were ashamed of scars and stretchmarks, some even of their own skin tone. What seemed like harmless photos were changing these viewers lives and perception on natural beauty.

These frustrating standards placed a burden on multiple generations. Teaching beautiful people to base the opinion that they have on themselves on the opinions others have on them. Amazing people thinking they are worth nothing because they aren’t “enough” for the cruel standards set by society.

Little by little, the spectrum of what is now accepted by society started growing. People are learning how to love themselves and the body they came in. These beautiful people are now realizing how amazing they are and being proud of it! Now-a-days we see more people smiling and having fun instead of stressing over what’s “pretty enough” because they are realizing that “fitting in” is over rated. There is no longer just one set style, instead wearing whatever makes you feel like you, is not just accepted but encouraged!

Every person is different and instead of discouraging people for what they like about themselves and feel good about who they are, we are learning to accept who they are and love how they can find happiness in themselves.