One thing the teachers have in common is that they all have a positive mindset. (google)
One thing the teachers have in common is that they all have a positive mindset.


How do teachers get hyped up in the morning?

October 20, 2020

Have you ever wondered how some teachers are always in a good mood? Even at 7 A.M., in the morning, when the day is just getting started, they have a smile on their face. You might think, “How are they in such a good mood this early?” Well, I talked to a few different teachers to see what they do to get hyped every morning. Maybe some of these responses could help you.


“Most teachers are a lot more excited to be here than the students in the mornings,” said Miss Parkins.”I think the main thing that separates the teacher’s excitement versus the excitement of the students is that the teachers are putting their passion into their day… Also, lots and lots of coffee play into teachers being super pumped to be here!”


“I get up at 4 AM and run on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then work out with weights for another 30 minutes… It gets my mind in a good place to have a positive, focused day.” Says Ms.Baier.


“I am very passionate about teaching art and get excited to present the projects and information. As soon as the bell rings and class starts, I am energized and motivated by my excitement to see what students will create each day.” Says Ms.Unsworth


“For me, the biggest part is my mindset. I am able to get hyped and stay hyped when I start the day with a positive attitude knowing that I am going in to make a difference and impact students. It is important for me to keep that as my focus.” Says Mr.Burt


While waking up early for school can be difficult at times, it is important to keep a good attitude. As almost every teacher said, a good attitude is the most important step towards getting hyped and having a good day.



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