Energy drink tier list

Everyone loves enjoying caffeinated drinks from time to time, but which are really worth it?

Everyone loves enjoying caffeinated drinks from time to time, but which are really worth it?

Julius Fricke, Tiger Eye News Food Editor

Energy drinks have become one of the top-selling selling and popular beverages around the world, and thanks to that, the market is flooded with them. While most of them may not be healthy, some things are just worth it. Some of them are extremely delicious, others not so much, with a whole lot in the middle. For the uninitiated, it can be a daunting task to pick through the different brands, so here are some suggestions:


Monster is the classic brand that everyone thinks of when they hear “energy drink.”  It’s delicious, it’s cheap, and it’s loaded with caffeine at around 130 to 150 milligrams per can. It is also a very unhealthy beverage, regardless of flavor.

Bang is a newer brand, and has made a name for itself in the fitness community. It almost isn’t a traditional energy drink, as its ingredients and caffeine level are more close to pre-workout, at close to  300 mg per can.


Nos is a classic drink, but it isn’t the top tier in any category, at least not to my flavor pallet. It’s a very in-the-middle. At close to 122 mg per serving, it’s decent product for the price.

Coke Energy is a newer drink on the market, and for a first foray into the market it is a respectable beverage, however it tastes and feels more like a soda than a energy drink. Its also the lowest caffeine in any energy on this list, sitting at only 80 mg a can, which is basically just a slightly stronger soda. However for people sensitive to caffeine or are not a fan of energy drink flavors, it’s a godsend.



I will never understand how anyone could put Rockstar into their bodies. This beverage is everything wrong with energy drinks with almost none of the positives. Filled with artificial ingredients and a extremely unsatisfying flavor akin to motor oil, the 160 milligrams of caffeine just isn’t worth it, in my own opinion.