Muscles in Massillon : How One Gym is Making a Difference


Julius Fricke, Tiger Eye News Food Editor

America has many problems, and many of them are not being dealt with. One problem that I care a lot about is the public health crisis that many Americans are suffering from. Simply put, not enough people in the United States take care of themselves. Heart disease, obesity, and diabetes have been on the rise since the 1970’s. All the while, the lifestyle of people United States  continues to grow more and more unhealthy. Despite this, certain businesses have flourished thanks to the needs and demands of this certain problem, and gyms are among these businesses.

One of the best of these gyms in Massillon is Always Fit For You. Located at 2100 Wales Ave NW, this family owned gym was made to serve the community of Massillon. They have been open since August of last year and have quickly grown to become one of the busiest gyms in the local area. The equipment and amenities available to patrons of this facility are very high quality. One particularly avid member says, “This is one of the best gyms I’ve been to in Ohio, especially considering the price”.  This facility is extremely cheap, offering both a $10 and $20 a month membership, with the $20 membership giving access to tanning beds, massage chairs, the ability to bring a friend, and discounts off the drinks and apparel sold in the gym. The best part is that this must be one of the cleanest gyms I have ever been in. The patrons of this facility always keep it well organized and clean, which is a rare sight at other similarly priced locations. and even many other more expensive one. The fact that the gym is open 24/7 is just another perk.

The only issue with the gym and that is the facility is on the smaller side. Even then, this usually isn’t a problem because of the spacing between benches and machines. The facilities small shortcomings are nothing compared to all of the good things about it.

Always For For You is a must try location in Massillon, especially if you are interested in going to the gym anytime soon.