Sun Warrior Protein Review


I was looking for protein powder and tried a new brand that was on sale, called Sun-Warrior. This brand sounded intriguing to me, as it advertises itself as a vegan protein powder. Plus, it was also on sale, which was most likely a red flag for what I was in store for. This interested me, as I had always thought that would be a hard thing to make, considering how good whey is as a powder’s main source of protein. This interested me enough to buy it and make a shake at home; after all what’s the worst that could happen. 

This was a grave mistake, as this was the most disappointing supplement I have ever tried. Every possible way you could think of to make this taste like a standard powder in anyway failed. It has a chalky texture, it fails to dissolve in any form of liquid completely, and even the taste itself was off. Every part of this product seemed very off the mark.

I have had other people try it and attempt to use it and every last one of them told me it tasted funny. My little brother Marcus attempted multiple times to drink it and confirmed that I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t a fan of this product. He said that it feels like drinking sand.

This product genuinely saddens me with how its flavor and texture compares to other similarly priced protein powders. It’s a very bland product that I will not purchase again. As for a protein powder that I would recommend, there are plenty of superior brands. Muscle Milk and On Premier are both excellent brands that I enjoy. Even on the vegan end, there are plenty of alternatives that work better than his product, such as Aloha Protein.