No more home field advantage at Paul Brown Tiger Stadium.


There may still be family and some friends at football games on Fridays but will it affect the motivation of the football players? Normally there are lots of people at football games each Friday night at Paul Brown Tiger Stadium, including the spirit group the Village Idiots and the fans in the student section. Those two groups I feel are a big part of going to the Massillon Tiger Football games.

As a matter of fact, The “VI’s” have been a tradition for many years here. I’ve even asked my parents (Charlotte Rainsburg and Sean Rainsburg), who have attended this school, what their favorite thing was about the football games and they both commented that the Village Idiots and the large student section were there favorite parts of going to each football game.

My dad was also actually a football player his junior year and he’d always tell me how he loved playing in front of the big crowds and how the cheering from the fans gave him and the rest of the team the right motivation they needed to win a game. You could even ask any student or older Tigers fans and they will tell you that going to a Massillon football game is something they love and something that everyone should experience.

That’s also what makes this limited ticket opportunity even worse because most people enjoy going to games and some haven’t missed a game in years or have even sat through rain and shine to watch the Tigers play for decades. So this could actually be a struggle for everyone. The games are being streamed live so fans can watch games live from home but to get the full experience of a game, being their is the best experience.

Back to the motivation of the football players. I know that it must be a struggle to go out there and hear nothing much but a couple of names being called vs. how it would be when almost every football player had there own fan club. The Tigers had their first home game on August ? and only family members of the players, band, and cheerleaders were allowed to attend. That was good for those people, but no one else was allowed to attend or even go to the stadium to tailgate so the stadium looked empty.

In a recent article in BBC sports journalist said “there’s nothing worse than an empty stadium” and that it can actually be more distracting than having thousands of roaring fans. One of the football players here at Massillon said that playing the season home-opener August 28 at Paul Brown Tiger Stadium against Cleveland St. Edward “was like walking into a freshman game.” (Nothing against freshman.)

The “home crowd support” has been said to help players play better or to be a little “pick-me-up” for the players because sometimes if the players just aren’t feeling it, it’s the exact “pick-m-up” they need to enter the field to battle on the field and win. The home crowd gives them that adrenaline they need to continue the game.

With that said, I would say that the crowd indeed does have a large impact on the motivation of the players.