Seniors Swept Away in the Covid Storm

Give us our year back!

September 4, 2020

Every student comes into their freshman year looking forward to getting to their senior year and celebrating everything for the last time. Starting with the football games and senior night, to celebrating the last time to play or cheer on the team. Then, it’s the big homecoming dance with their high school sweetheart. This has been snatched from our seniors’ hands. The Covid-19 Pandemic has swept away all of that. The Village Idiots won’t be running down the stands during football season supporting our team. The student body won’t be in the stands holding onto one another while singing the Alma mater. It will be nothing but a memory.

“I’m upset that my senior year school event, I was looking forward to may get cancelled,” one student said.

The safety precautions we are taking to prevent the spread of the virus is taking its toll on students and their everyday life. Social distancing limits people per room and that prevents larger clubs to meet, it changes the sizes of the classrooms and it affects how and where we eat in the cafeteria. The masks students required to wear take away from common social interactions like laughing or smiling. With these factors, it seems impossible at the moment to have large events that people have enjoyed for years?

Senior year is being stripped away everyday with new regulations and canceling of events. The seniors from all clubs, athletics or just the student body will not be celebrating their first or last games, or even the first day of school if they took classes online. The last year for band and choir will be hard for those members if there are no concerts to show their parents how hard they worked to perform for their last year. The football players and the Tiger Swing Band not having a full season will be sad along with the stadium looking empty and quiet compared to regular games with the city in the stands cheering on the team for victory.

“Normally people hope for a role in the play in musical, but this year we’re just hoping for a musical in general,” said Brooke Hamilton

Prom is the day that every teenager growing up looks forward to experiencing. It’s that magical night to have the last hurrah before graduating to the adult world. Having the most stunning dress and a smooth black tie suit to accompany it may not happen because they are being shoved underneath the Covid-19 carpet that lays upon them. Seniors will having nothing to celebrate their last year of high school. This pandemic will take away the precious memories that everyone holds dearest, front their younger days to their seniors memories.

The final day of high school, graduation for everyone to share the achievements and completion of every student. Wear the itchy robe, decorate the top of their caps and walk down the field in front of their very proud parents. Seniors may not will never experience this. All those good memories that parents and students are supposed to look back on may never be experienced or shared. The Covid-19 pandemic may take that away from them.



2 Responses to “Seniors Swept Away in the Covid Storm”

  1. STACY on September 6th, 2020 2:14 pm

    Excellent work! As a mother of a 2021 senior and a teacher of seniors, you really nailed this! Keep up the good work ❤️

  2. Marlene Kanipe on September 6th, 2020 11:06 pm

    It was hard with a 2020 graduate and now their college experience being very different or in some cases cancelled for remote classes. It’s seems just as bad for the class of 2021 and I think you described it perfectly. Hopefully it will get better to not miss everything. Great article! My heart aches for all the experiences being different than anticipated.

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