Highlights Of My Last “Summer!”

September 4, 2020

The year 2020 has been pretty weird. We got a longer summer break than we’re used too. But in most cases, that’s a good thing. We couldn’t do a lot of the things we probably wanted to do. We have to start looking at the bright side of things though. Even though I did quarantine for the majority of the “break,”  I made a list of the highlights of my last Summer.

10.) Binge Watching Netflix

-Though it may not have been the most productive thing I did over “break,” it was very relaxing and felt good to just do nothing for a few weeks. At least I can say i’m caught up on the majority of my shows now.

9.) Co-teaching Summit County’s online classes with Mr.Allison

-My best friends teacher, Mr.Allison, teaches here at Massillon. He was kind enough to ask me if I wanted to be his assistant and help him with teaching Summit County’s online kids since teaching is the field I wanna go into.

8.) Calling old friends

-With the “Stay At Home Order” we really weren’t aloud to go see any friends. So I took that time to reconnect with some old friends that I haven’t talked to in a while. Which was kind of fun.

7.) Painted a chalk wall in my room

-I’ve honestly always wanted a chalk wall in my room. I saw someone else have it in theirs and thought it was cool. So on the first week of quarantine my mom and I painted one in my room.

6.) Saw one of my friends that I haven’t seen in a while

My friend, Kalei, and I have been friends for 15 years!

-Being friends with someone as long as Kalei and I have been friends for is amazing. Though now we don’t go to the same school because we both moved, we still try and hang out at least once every few months. She moved to Jackson while I stayed at Massillon and just moved houses. Our dads have been friends since their freshman year of high school. So that’s kinda how we know each other.

5.)  Keeping the 4th of July tradition alive


Shannon is my aunt but is more like my sister. She’s a sophomore this year at the “Washington High School.”

-This is something I look forward too every year. For the past 5 years I’ve gone too my grandma & grandpa’s for 4th of July. My aunt and I sleep in a tent in the backyard and just have a fun night. I hope that we can keep the tradition alive for next year and for years to come as well.

4.) Going to Columbus for my aunts wedding

-My aunt moved to Columbus a few years ago. Her and her now husband decided to have a wedding in their backyard this year due to COVID and not being able to have a large gathering at a real wedding.

Their hoping to have a real wedding with a bunch of friends and family next year in 2021!

3.) Hanging out with my best friend one last time before school started back up

Julie is doing E-Learning. We haven’t seen each other since that day. But we call each other all the time.

-My best friend lives in Canton and works. So we don’t get too see each other all the time. Whenever she’s off, I work. Whenever i’m off, she works. (Is usually how it goes.) I remember the day her mom dropped her off at my house. She said “Just remember, ya’ll go back to school in two weeks.” That two weeks went by so fast.

2.) Got my Senior pictures taken

-Being a senior just doesn’t feel real yet. Like i’m still here right now in school so it’s hard to imagine or even thing that this time next year I won’t be a “Washington High School”  student anymore. I’m not sure how i’m gonna feel that day when it’s my turn to walk down the field, or however we’re doing graduation this year, but I can say I will remember my high school life forever.

1.) Meeting my new cousin Sophie for the first time

My baby cousin, Sophie, being born was number one on my other story “The Highlights Of My Junior Year.”

-A lot of my family lives out of state. Sophie lives in Idaho with her mom,dad, and 3 sisters. I didn’t get to see her when she was first born. But i’m happy they finally came down here and saw us.

This summer was definitely  a weird one. But I can say it’s one to remember forever.

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