Summer is near! By: Lauren Turner


Lauren Turner

Summer is near!! That means warm/hot weather and lots of fun… summer is very exciting and an enjoyable season of the year as well. So, I would just like to give you all a few ideas of what you can do in the summer…

  1. Go get ice cream
  2. Go on a road trip
  3. Go on a run
  4. Go swimming
  5. Hangout with your family and friends
  6. Have a bonfire
  7. Get prepared for your new journey in life
  8. Volunteer somewhere that you will enjoy
  9. Have a barbecue/family function
  10. Go to a drive inn movie

I hope you all at least try out a few of these ideas and comment down below your favorite idea. Let me know in the comments what your favorite thing to do in the summer is… I hope you all enjoy your summer, have fun, and most importantly be safe!