Quarantine: Bringing families closer


Ever since March, kids have been stuck with their families because we aren’t technically allowed going out. This is giving everyone a chance to get to know the people they live with, even more. For me, and a few other Washington High students, it made us realize how lucky we actually are and how we shouldn’t take things for granted. I asked four Washington High students a few questions about being quarantined. Here are their responses:

I first asked what they all thought about being quarantined.

Freshman, Shannon Kerstetter said: “I mean, it’s boring. I hate that I can’t see any of my friends.” She says. “School work gets done faster online. So that’s a plus.” She continues.

Sophomore, Colson Estep said: “It’s boring. I can’t do much and it’s blocking things that I could be doing. Or like having my license.” He said.

Junior, Julie Maddern said: “It sucks and i’m ready to go back to our normal life.”

Senior, Taylor Riley said: “The government should have acted on this right before it got here and not waited and kept precaution about this whole thing.” She says. “They should have had a plan on what they were gonna do for everything.” She adds.

I then asked if they realized how good they really have it, or if they’ve learned anything from this experience.

Shannon said: “I realized, not to take seeing your friends daily for granted.”

Colson said: “I didn’t really learn much if i’m being honest. I never took things for granted” He says. “I know others have it worse than I do, so I will never take it for granted.” He continues.

Julie said: “I’ve learned that i’m lucky for what I have and that my dad is still working because I know a lot of families are not able to work. So they don’t have a lot.”

Taylor said: “The only thing I really learned is how important school actually is, to not take it for granted, and to stay in school. If you don’t care for school then this is for you but not for someone who actually wants an education.” She says. “I found my self to be lucky to have such a great grandma to love and to take care of me, to have food in the house, and a roof over my head.” She then adds.

I last asked them one positive thing that happened over quarantine “break.”

Shannon said: “I would have to say having more time to spend with family.”

Colson said: “School is pretty easy. I’m pretty much guaranteed a good grade in every class.” He said. “Spending more time with my family has been good.” He continues.

Julie said: “Honestly spending time with my nephew’s.” She said. “They keep me on my feet and they keep me busy.” She adds.

Taylor said: “One good thing that has happened is that I’ve gotten really close with my dad.” She said. “I’ve learned things I never knew. I’ve got to spend a lot of time with him.” She adds.

With all the negativity going around, it’s sometimes hard to find something positive. The littlest things now can make us happy. For me, my newest cousin Sophie being born, and being healthy, is my one positive thing that happened. There is so much in this world to be thankful for. There is always someone who has it harder than you do. Try being positive!