save the sad animals “poor puppies”

This puppy needs a home

Kaitlyn Rayner, Tiger Eye News Staff Writer

We need to save these sad puppies because they don’t have a good home where they are all happy, loved and warm. Puppies are cute and helpful if you don’t safe one now on this website Because these puppies need the home that they need and so that way they can feel happy and loved from a person and these puppies will make you feel happy and not alone.

If you don’t know this puppies have a good heart just like us and we need to save all these puppies because they well make your day so much better with a good smile, puppies are really nice to have because when you need a Best friend you can always count on your the puppies

They love you just like any other person would. They know how to make you happy when you are left alone or heartbroken and lastly they will help you protect you and your home and anything happens.