Public Bathrooms

Jamie Chance and Kariah Green

In any facility, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms to get properly cleaned. “Nearly 70% of Americans say they have an unpleasant restroom experience due to the condition of the facility… More than 77,000 distinct types of bacteria and viruses after swabbing four public restrooms.”


Senior, Jaden Stock says, “Public bathrooms are nasty, so I wait until I get home.”


Sophomore Courtney Yoder says, “I don’t use them because I don’t think they’re clean.” 


This means this issue affects even our student body, using these steps could change the views people have on public bathrooms.


Bathroom cleaning hacks:

  1. Train the cleaning staff- the first step is educating your cleaning staff so that they know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting.
  2. Select quality restroom cleaning products- the second step is to only purchase quality products to clean with to ensure that it will actually clean what’s necessary.
  3. Create a cleaning log- the third step is to put together a checklist to make sure every task is complete and also to write down everything that needs to be cleaned.
  4. Install smart, automated solutions- the fourth step is to install automatic systems such as automatic toilets, air hand dryers, and automatic sinks.
  5. Provide disposables- the final step is to provide disposables such as recyclable toilet seat covers.


In conclusion, a clean bathroom is very important because the amount of moisture has the potential to grow mold and bacteria.