So You Think You Can Do Gymnastics? These boys think they can in the first annual boys gymnastics meet fundraiser!
So You Think You Can Do Gymnastics? These boys think they can in the first annual boys gymnastics meet fundraiser!

So You Think You Can Do Gymnastics?

March 6, 2020

As the Varsity Gymnastics team begins to wind down at the end of a long successful season, they decided to let someone else take the ropes. 10 MALE athletes have decided to take on the challenge of being competitive gymnasts in the first annual So You Think You Can Do Gymnastics? Fundraiser. 

These boys competed against each other in a battle between the Juniors vs Seniors to see who had the best jumps, turns, and balance. The stakes were high as the winners recieved not only bragging rights, but a team trophy as well! 

The junior team known as Team BD consists of Nate Albrecht, Blayze Patt, Eric Thurman, Darien Williams, and team captain Zach Catrone. 

The juniors wait anxiously for the start of the first annual fundraiser.

The seniors, aka Team Stud Muffins, are TJ Harper, Fynn McGuire, Ahmond Williams, and captain Kolton Moll. 

Team Stud Muffins pose for the camera before the start of the meet.

As seats began to fill up the boys grew increasingly nervous about their performance. After announcin

TJ Harper glances over his shoulder at the cheering crowd while competing his bar routine.

g the two teams the meet commenced. The boys kicked it off on vault running full speed ahead at a mat and just hoping to make it over. The seniors excelled at this event with the vault champion being Fynn McGuire with a high score of 13.5 out of a possible 14.

Next came the uneven bars, which both teams struggled with, even going as far as taking some hard hits to some sensitive areas. Nonetheless the boys prevailed with Ahmond Williams taking first.

The balance beam followed bars which was very tense to observe. You can see the nerves begin to spike as the gymnasts mounted the beam. Team Stud Muffins again were triumphant with every team member taking a ribbon for their excellent performance.


Finally, floor exercise was up which was each gymnasts time to show their stuff. The audience was in awe of their jumps, cartwheels, and turns. The grand finally however, was Ahmond Williams’ spectacular back flip that had the crowd cheering.

Ahmond is caught mid-flight wowing the audience with his back tuck.
Blayze Patt is pictured displaying his amazing form in his leap during his floor routine.

The moment we had all been waiting for eventually came, who would be crowned the winner? The teams and their coaches anxiously awaited the results and finally it was announced that team Stud Muffins had won! It was a landslide defeat of the juniors 441 to seniors 499.

Team stud muffins and their coaches celebrate with their hard earned trophy.

Team captain, Kolton Moll says this about the great win, “Gymnastics separates the boys from the men and it was pretty clear which was which when the seniors were handed the trophy!”

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