Being Open-minded


Lauren Turner, Tiger Eye News Staff Writer

Open-mindedness is a great quality to have. When you have this quality, you think about things more and consider different views as well. I’m open-minded, and to me, that means I express myself and I’m open to new ideas and views. Some people aren’t this way and that’s upsetting for me because I feel like everyone should be able to express themselves and think openly about things. Sometimes, people can let what others think about them affect how they feel about things, and that can cause a person to feel bias or put in a box of not being able to say how they feel. Being able to let your mind function like this is not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean you’re doing really risky stuff or things that’ll give you a bad reputation. If you want to be this way for sure or at least just keep this idea in consideration, make sure you’re doing it in a kind way and not in a rude way especially if you want to get your point across. Say how you feel about school policies, sexual orientation, that new roller coaster ride, mediation and so much more than your mind can and will intake. Don’t ever be afraid to speak your mind and don’t ever let someone’s opinions affect your thoughts. Also, one more thing, don’t be closed-minded and judging people and don’t be scared to be open-minded because you can still be yourself and accept things and try new things.

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