Bring On The Fun!

Bring On The Fun!

Spring is finally here! I’m not sure about you,  but I know that for me when it’s warmer outside, I’m a much happier person. You can do so much more in the spring and summer that you can’t do when there is snow on the ground. For example, you could, go on a walk with friends, have a picnic, go to the park, or even walk to get some ice cream.

“I like spring more because it’s when the weather begins to get nicer and warmer. I’m also not a big of a fan of cold weather.” Says Junior, Diana Alexander. “I also like it more because I get to do more things rather than staying inside because the winter weather is so bad.” She continues.

“I love winter way more,” Says Junior Rylee Toombs.  “I absolutely love the cold and the snow. Just seeing the snow fall down on the ground and everything covered in it, it’s just so beautiful ” She continues.

“I like spring a lot more than winter.” Says Senior, Benjamin Kerstetter. “I like spring more because there’s a lot more things to do since the weather starts to get warmer around then.”  He continues.

While there are lot of people who love spring a lot more than winter, there are few who love winter more.