Getting In

Getting In

April 14, 2020




Collage something everyone has been thinking of since elementary school all 12 years of school. Teachers have been teaching the requirements and preparing us for college or whatever we plan on doing after high school. Usually seniors go to college after they graduate and spend the summer and going into college in the fall semester. I tried doing something different. I as a junior have thought about college a lot, going to visits and thinking about how I would pay for it so I was excited when a college I was looking at contacted me asking If I would like to look further into their Music Management Program. I always knew I wanted to continue learning in music after spending a Lot of money and time in classes and private lessons. Pellegrino music center where I take my lessons for much of the time my instructor who wished to remain unnamed recorded me warming  up on piano and sent it to Hocking College knowing this was one of the places I really like as a college. My family supported the idea of me going to college and possibly getting grants and scholarships and everything but I was mostly nervous because the thought of not being accepted or not being able to afford it and having to dropped out. I remember the 7-10 days they took to review my application was the most stressful time I’ve experienced in a long time. I remember coming home checking the mailbox just to see if there was a letter from them and every time I looked and didn’t get it I felt let down after a week of applying and no letter I remember telling my parents I shouldn’t of got my hopes up and ” I didn’t make it their not going to accept a junior when their probably filled with applications from seniors who have a few months left until they graduate.” When I got my Letter stating that I was accepted I was excited, nervous, worried and ultimately pleased with myself knowing that after trying for 11 years of schooling for this exact moment and I got accepted. My next idea is I have to keep my grades at a pretty decent spot continue taking lessons so I can only better myself and just keep the mentality that nothing can get in my path and I should be successful in life.

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