My oldest piece of technology

March 2, 2020

My oldest piece of technology

In the last century, technology has been changing at a breakneck pace. Many of these improvements have also had a huge impact on everyone’s life.  The majority of people in the world use some type of technology. The device they use could be a phone, computer, TV, VCR, or even cassette tapes. Maybe you have never even heard a few of those. 

“Before I had technology, I had to look in an encyclopedia at the library. The library was very important and we got all of our resources from there.” Says Mr. David Morgan. 

Just a few weeks ago I finally got rid of my VCR. I’ve had that thing forever. It was the oldest piece of technology I have ever owned. I remember watching many movies and TV shows growing up on my VCR. Some of my favorites were Little Miss Sunshine, Titanic,  My Girl, It Takes Two, and Zoey 101.

Back in 2005, we started making family videos. So that when my brothers and I were older we could look back at them at any time we wanted to. Every three-five years we watch all the tapes as a family. It takes so long to even watch them that we have to make sure the video camera is completely charged before we even try. Then every time we finish a tape, we have to rewind it to the beginning. 

These are some of my families tapes that we've recorded through out almost 14 years.

Over the years, I have watched many videos on my VCR but technology has advanced so much that I don’t need it anymore. Everything I watched is now on Netflix, Hulu, or Disney Plus. I now have all of those on my phone and laptop. That VCR was my oldest piece of technology. What’s yours?

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