Let's rank the top five anime since 2016!
Let's rank the top five anime since 2016!

Top Five New Generation Anime

March 5, 2020

Everyone has encountered anime at some point in their life and probably have decided whether they liked it or not.  They’ve probably seen it in shows such as Pokemon or Dragon Ball as a child. For the ones who ended up liking it though, it doesn’t end there. Anime can be found in multiple genres from comedy to horror.  For some people it opened their eyes to a whole different world of new and exciting things. 

 “Anime opened me up into a whole new culture and fun that I never knew existed,” said biology teacher and anime club instructor Mr. Russell. 

Regular anime watchers probably have a couple of shows that they deemed the best, or their personal favorite. I have compiled a list of my top five new gen anime.  (These all have been made within the last five years.)

1.”Rising of the Shield Hero”
Shield Hero is a story about Naofumi, a 20-year-old college student who gets sucked into an alternate reality by reading an unfinished book named
The Four Cardinal Heroes.  He enters this new world as the Shield Hero and has to fight his way through adversity to save the land in order to return home.  

2.”My Hero Academia”

“My Hero” is set in a world where superpowers called “quirks” are normal, with 80% of the worlds population having them.  The protagonist of this story, Izuku Midoryia, wasn’t blessed with one of these special powers.  This didn’t stop him from striving to be a hero though, he tries to fight crime and eventually runs into the strongest hero in this story, All Might. All Might then passes his incredible power down to Izuku for him to carry on his legacy.

3.”Dr. Stone”

Dr. Stone tells the tale of Ishigami Senku, a high school genius who is trying to save the world.  We enter as Senku is in his high school class when everyone in the world gets turned to stone by a strange phenomena.  He wakes up 2700 years later and is faced with the task of bringing the whole world back to life.

4.”Demon Slayer”

Demon Slayer takes on a journey with Tanjiro Kamado a young boy who had a tragic turn of events in his life which turned him into a “Demon Slayer.” During his journey he meets a lot of friends along the way.



5.”Mob Psycho 100″

Shiegeo Kageyama, aka “Mob” was born an “esper” someone with paranormal or psychic abilities.  We take a trip through his life in this story and ride a wild roller coaster of his emotions and ups and downs, as well as his intense fights.

If you haven’t yet watched these shows I highly recommend you watch them.  They will have you wrapped in a whole different world and are very entertaining to watch.

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