Weird food combinations: Give it a taste!

March 5, 2020

If you have a weird combination of food that you enjoy eating don’t be ashamed because you’re not alone. We are here to give you are tasty combinations so you can all give it a try. Some of these combinations might sound nasty but don’t knock it until you try it. Here are some of our combinations:

1. Fruity pebbles and chicken

2. Chili and peaches

3. Ramen noodles and cheeseburger

4. Pickles and peanut butter

5. M&M’s and nacho cheese

6. Green grapes and pretzels

7. Oreo’s and orange juice

Although these may sound weird and unusual they are actually delicious, so next time you want to try something new that doesn’t break your wallet, maybe try these. You might just hop on board with some of our outrageous ideas.

If you have any weird or unique food combinations of your own make sure to leave it down in the comments.

Here are a couple of YouTube videos of people trying many weird food combinations below:

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