49ers Assistant Offensive Coach Katie Sowers warming up before recent football game
49ers Assistant Offensive Coach Katie Sowers warming up before recent football game

Kickoff for LGBT

February 11, 2020

The world was introduced to a new coach on the 49ers staff Sunday, February 2nd at the Super Bowl LIV game. Making history, Katie Sowers coached the team through the NFL as not only the first female but also the first LGBT coach to ever reach the Super Bowl.

Sowers is no stranger to football, spending eight years playing for the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) and later a year on the Women’s National Football team. She went on to become the athletic director for Kansas City, ultimately kicking off her football career. Sowers has stated over and over how grateful she is to be able to live her life-long dream of coaching in something so important to American culture. She stands as a symbol to girls across the board that anything is possible, even making history.

Growing up I had always seen ads for things meant for women, or things meant for men. Still, there should never be a set job for a woman, and Sowers is living proof among the thousands of women next to her. One of the biggest challenges she has faced in football was because she was a woman. Becoming the first female coach is something that could change the way little girls think about the world, meaning this next generation of children will grow up seeing a strong woman as one of the head coaches in the biggest game of the year.

Not only does Sowers represent the strength of women but also the strength in the LGBT community. Since the beginning of time those who celebrate pride have been ridiculed and discouraged from jobs of all kinds. Katie, an LGBT coach made history and has become a symbol of courage and hope for those who follow her. Sending a good message to everyone, not only children, Sowers brings hope to show that anything is possible and that you should never judge based on bias. 



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