Should teenagers risk heart break trying to find "the one"?
Should teenagers risk heart break trying to find "the one"?

Are High School Relationships Worth It?

February 10, 2020

Many high school students often get into and start exploring relationships and love. There are always a lot of ups to them, like going to homecoming and prom together or supporting each other at your sporting events. Many teens are looking for their special someone or “high school sweetheart” especially  with Valentine’s Day around the corner. 

However, people often forget about the horrible downsides of high school relationships. They come with drama and rumors which is why most don’t make it very far. This can definitely be a distraction for students academically causing drops in grades and loss of focus. 

Sophomore Kyden Williams thinks high school relationships definitely affect students, “When you get your heart broken you can’t focus on anything but how that person did you wrong or how you could’ve did something better for them not to cheat.”

We also asked some students how they felt about dating in high school. Williams says, “High school relationship are dumb because they never last and everybody cheats because nobody really cares.”  We also talked to sophomore Gabby Kring who stated, “Some work out, but most of the time it’s just for fun while you’re in high school.”

Sophomore Alyssa Simons argued that high school sweet hearts are few and far between,  “If you’re one of the lucky ones you’ll end up with a soulmate, but in reality they aren’t to be taken very seriously.”

So even though high school relationships can be a good thing, it’s definitely a hit and miss and it doesn’t always turn out that way. Nevertheless, it’s just high school so have some fun kids. 

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