February 12, 2020

 I love journalism. It is so much fun writing. Whether that is expressing your feelings in a journal or about a movie you just watched for the newspaper. Every family has their own thing they all have in common. For mine, my dad, Jason Stahlman, and my brother, Dominic Stahlman, are both writers as well. 

“I got my inspiration for writing from our dad” says Dominic. “I thought it would be fun and I love writing fictional papers.”

My dad enjoys writing his thoughts about a movie or show he just watched. “I always loved movies and always watched movie review shows growing up and when little things opened up like contests in the paper  or the accessibility of sharing my thoughts on movies and television shows via social media.” Jason said.

Writing is a fun and easy way to express your feelings. I love that writing is something that I have in common with my dad and brother.

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