Top 5: Super Bowl Halftime Performances

For decades, the Super Bowl halftime show would only feature a marching band or two, but it all changed in 1993. That was the year when Micheal Jackson turned the Super Bowl halftime show into a must-watch performance. Throughout the history of all the Super Bowl halftime performances, there have been many artists ranging from Pop singers to Soul singers. This year’s halftime performance was performed by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, two of the most iconic Latina pop singers. Their performance was good but does it even compare to these past historic Super Bowl performances. Ahead we will list the top five Super Bowl performances:

1. Micheal Jackson-(1993)

Just because you are the first does not mean you do it the best. To start, the network did not quite figure out how to broadcast a halftime performance. It was hard to hear over all the loud cheering, there was a commercial break in between the performance, and the game was featured in California so it was fairly dark. Jackson performed ‘We Are the World’ with the children’s choir, then did ‘Heal the World’ while an enormous globe emerged from in the middle of the stage. Micheal Jackson made the best for his surroundings and showed out for the consummate showman he was. 

2. Prince-(2007)

Prince’s was not the most extravagant, but even today, it thrills and excites. In the middle of a stage shaped as “Artist Formerly Known as Prince” symbol, the Purple One opened with strains of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ before switching to ‘Let’s Go Crazy’. Later the Florida A&M marching band, strapped up with glowing lights, joined for the arrangement of ‘Baby I’m a Star’ that recognized the history of previous halftime shows. 

3. Beyonce ft. Destiny’s Child-(2013)

For Super Bowl XLVII, Beyonce gave a jaw dropping performance alongside her ex-girl group members, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Beyonce pays tribute to ‘Black Lives Matter’ throughout her whole performance. Including her outfits and her songs that she sang during the halftime show. 

4. Madonna, Nicki Minaj, and Cee Lo Green-(2012)  

Years after the halftime show embraced  its pop sensibility, Madonna showed up as a Greek Goddess on a giant litter carried by a legion of Spartan Soldiers. The stage was covered with LED lights all around, including swirling dancers and the gospel choir. Madonna successfully moved through several rapid successes, collaborated with other big artists, and made it look effortless. 

5. Whitney Houston-(1991)

Whitney Houston technically did not perform in a halftime show, but she did have an astounding performance of the Star Spangled Banner opening up Superbowl XXV. This 1991 rendition of the patriotic song was named “Most Watched/Searched Star Spangled Banner” by Google this February of 2020.