Student Takes Trip To Local Eco-Friendly Shop
Student Takes Trip To Local Eco-Friendly Shop

“Empty Bin Zero Waste” to Make Impact on Future

January 31, 2020

CANTON – In order to pursue a sustainable lifestyle, one must acquire tangible items for daily use. In Ohio, it may be difficult to access zero-waste products, especially in local areas. Although some of these products are accessible online, many consumers prefer to observe the product with their own eyes and review with their own hands.

Empty Bin Zero Waste sells and even creates products for consumers who are willing to participate in attaining a sustainable lifestyle.

Some bulk products that are supplied for use. Mazey also supplies a DIY recipe book for these ingredients.

“Our vision is to be a positive part of the local community and to support the learning about and sharing of urban homesteading techniques,” their website states (linked here). “We believe that we can reduce our dependence on large compassionless corporations and live healthier lives with a deep respect for the Earth.” Their website offers a collection of products ready to purchase and ship out.

There are three locations in Northeast Ohio; their main store is located in downtown Canton. Being somebody who is collecting products that will contribute to my zero-waste lifestyle, I have been buzzing about this store and intrigued in visiting. I finally approached an opportunity to see for myself what this shop had to offer.

I took a trip with a friend to meet the owner, Teresa Mazey, on Wednesday, January 29th. Before I spoke to greet her and introduce myself, I was sent back by the organic aroma and natural products all in front of my eyes. It is truly a bright light in the little nook of buildings on 4th Street.

Owner Teresa Mazey guiding Charity Daly through her bulk ingredients.

Teresa assisted me with her bulk of natural products to create a face mask. She supplies many ingredients and recipes to create your own household cleaners and personal care items, all of which deplete the use of purchasing plastic that will end up in a landfill. “I began making my own cleaners and care items about 6 years ago, and I have loved the switch ever since,” Mazey exclaims.

Terracycle boxes that are used to dispose of typically non-recyclable products.

Other items that are available at her store include kitchenware, household items, personal care, and what has been popular in the news recently; reusable bags. I purchased some of her handsewn cotton pads to reduce the number of cotton balls I use for personal care. “I sew everything myself,” Mazey says, “I didn’t like some ways that products were being designed, so I began making some my own way.”

Teresa is an advocate for many different programs, one of which to be Terracycle. She has bins for used razors, hair bottles, paper, and more. It is a great place to drop off those containers to ensure your waste will be reused and recycled authentically.

“Your generation will be who take zero-waste and sustainability into their own hands,” she expresses, “the youth are the people who are making a difference.”

Items purchased from Empty Bin Zero Waste.

After having a great discussion over zero-waste and programs in our area, I left the store with a jar of rose water, a container of a rose clay mask, and reusable cotton pads. My friend left with a pack of reusable straws and cleaners and a custom holder for his purchase, also sewn by Mazey. To note, there are free containers there for you to use that customers give to Mazey, however, it is encouraged to bring your own container for bulk items.

The exposure to zero-waste items will become more globalized in the mere future due to pressures on companies for wasteful products. If you begin shopping natural and zero-waste now, our earth and future generations will thank you later. Empty Bin Zero Waste was an eye-opening and educational experience that I thoroughly enjoyed, and I will most definitely be making a visit back. Shopping local and sustain-ably? There could truly be nothing better than that.

Portrait of Teresa Mazey in her shop, Empty Bin Zero Waste.
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  1. Rosario Nail on February 2nd, 2020 3:14 pm

    Love your article! This is a topic that we should all learn more about, because our planet won’t be able to sustain us, if we don’t learn how to do so. Thank you

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