Are we McLoving it?


Josh Wright and Ciera Marie Neese

This time of the year is hard for fast food companies because they’re always slow. Some of the reasons are because of the holidays and now that they are over, customers can’t afford to spend money on fast food.

Another reason why fast food restaurants are slow this time of year is because customers are trying to stay with their New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or eat out less, which is bad for fast food companies because they have to cut workers early. Doing that affects the employees hours that they work and that can be the worst nightmare.

A McDonald’s manager in Massillon said: “This time of the year (is bad) because I hate cutting workers’ hours. We all struggle and it hurts their paycheck and puts them in a bad spot, especially if their funds are already tight and then with the bills it just makes their life harder than it should be.”  

Tyler Cain works at McDonalds  said the holidays and New Year really hurts his or hers wallet.

“It hurts my check but I really appreciate the time I get off because I’m able to hangout with friends so it’s a win-win for me ”