“Finsta” is for Friends

Everybody has an instagram. It’s a way for people to keep in contact with family, socialize with friends, and portray our lives in a certain way. Let’s be real though, our main accounts are nowhere close to the real us. The person who posts edited, and posed bikini picture is also the person eating ice cream in their pajamas at 3 am, and that’s why many people have spam accounts.


Look at it like this if your main account is like how you are around your grandma, a spam account… that’s how you act around your best friend. 





Junior Ryley Cecil describes a spam as, “Somewhere you can express yourself and be yourself. You can also rant/ get stuff off your chest.” It is individual and unique to the person who controls it. Some people rant, others post memes and fun selfies, there are even some people who just post photos of them crying. That’s the great thing about spam accounts, you can just be yourself.

Authenticity is something that’s hard to find now days online. People are forced to portray their lives in the way they think is socially acceptable. Now a days it’s common to find people using editing apps and filters. 


It is important for people (teenagers especially) to be themselves and express themselves how they see fit. That is why a spam account is refreshing. It shows people that even the most perfect people are still humans. It is a safe space for expression.