My Bucket List

A view looking off the Great Wall of China Shutter Stock

A view looking off the Great Wall of China Shutter Stock

As I get older I’m starting to realize what I want to do with my life. My bucket list has been on my mind recently so I’m here to tell you the top 10 things I want to do before my life is over.

10.) Cliff Jumping- I’m not exactly sure why I want to hop out off of a cliff, but the idea of adrenaline rushing through my body just excites me.  

9.) Ride across the country on pedal bikes–  My two friends and I want to not only travel, but to also have a chance to come together closer. This trip would also allow us to get more fit and to see what’s outside the Ohio. 

8.) Crowd surf at a huge concert- I have always found concerts fun and I feel like it would be a memory I’d never forget. 

7.) See the Northern Lights- I have always found photos of the Northern Lights relaxing and I feel like it would be a once in a life time opportunity.

6.) Stay overnight in a prison- Everyone who has been incarcerated has always told me it is horrible and I just want to witness it for myself. 

5.) Go Skydiving- I want to be able to accomplish my fear of heights and this would be a great way to overcome it. 

4.) Ride in a hot air balloon- I feel like this is another way to overcome my fears plus it would be relaxing to see the views after I get used to the height.

3.) Scuba Diving- I enjoy aquatic animals so I feel like this would be a memorable event. 

2.) Ride in a helicopter– I plan on enlisting in the military, so I feel like I should be able to do this plenty of times. 

1.) Walk the Great Wall of China- This would allow me to get a great view of a world I’ve never seen. It would also allow me to just feel how much the time it took to build this majestic masterpiece.