Everyone Likes A Superhero: Who’s At The Top?

January 20, 2020

Superheroes have taken over the TV world since the first Power Rangers, live-action Batman, and Spiderman cartoons. In this article, I will be ranking Netflix’s top 10 superhero shows, original or from another TV network.

Number Ten: Iron Fist. Marvel’s Iron Fist is about a man named Danny Rand, who at 10-years old, had been in a plane crash that killed both his parents. He was raised by people who taught him to fight, train, and protect. Danny decided to go back to New York City and help protect what his family left; their legacy. Even with this cancellation, Iron Fist is still a fan favorite adaptation.

Number Nine: The Punisher. Marvel has a lot of hero shows on Netflix, so bare with me. Punisher is about Frank Castle, an ex-Marine Veteran who loses his family, and the only thing on his mind is to avenge their deaths. With two seasons and an impeccable casting; this show deserved more than Netflix gave it.

Number Eight: Daredevil. Daredevil is about a man named Matthew Murdock, a blind attorney by day and handing-criminals-their-behinds at night. He’s trained in martial arts, and throughout the show he continually fights other villains in Hell’s Kitchen. This show has three seasons, and continues to be talked about in the Marvel Universe.

Number Seven: Luke Cage. Even with Netflix cancelling most of its Marvel content, all of their superhero shows are STILL being fought for. Luke Cage is about a man who had an experiment backfire, giving him unbreakable skin and super strength. Cage goes out of his way to help out New York, and continues his own path to find out why his wife was killed.

Number Six: Black Lightning. Premiering in January of 2018, Black Lightning took to the CW network alongside their many other hero tv shows. This show follows the Pierce family, Jefferson is a retired superhero with the ability to hold, harness and manipulate electricity. Once his family is hurt, he turns to take the mantle once more. The family continues to go through their own super-problems themselves, and tries to stop the current drug takeover in their city.

Number Five: Arrow. Oliver Queen begins his journey on his father’s yacht before seeing all plans change direction due to a sabotage on the boat. Queen’s father ends up committing suicide and he is stuck on a remote island for five years; prompting him to learn how to fight and protect. Oliver assembles himself a team and heads back to Star City to protect his town from corruption. The show is currently on its final eighth season.

Number Four: Jessica Jones. Starting on Netflix, Jessica Jones is a girl in New York with severe super-strength and flight. She’s a private eye to pay the bills, and with her powers she’s a pretty good one. She’s smart, and uses her powers to benefit her; but once she sees someone in her city being hurt like she previously does, she helps out in any way she can – violence. Of course she wins, too. On Netflix, this show has three seasons. With the cancellation of other Marvel shows, Jessica Jones is still a thorough and action packed show.

Number Three: The Umbrella Academy. A comic written by My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, this show follows seven children bought on the night of October 31st, and taken by a man with the intention of raising them as his own super-family team – without giving them actual love. Once these children are figured out to have special powers, they are raised to protect and become a team of sibling supers. The show has one season on Netflix, and each episode shows the audience the story about them trying to stop the upcoming apocalypse. Netflix confirmed season two of TUA and it’s expected to arrive (hopefully) soon.

















Number Two: Gotham. This show follows a young Bruce Wayne throughout his beginning years of becoming Batman. Many heroes, anti-heroes, and villains grace Gotham’s presence each season with even worse problems. Bruce goes through his life after his parents deaths, and we see more about the depth of his story. Each character brings life to the show, giving them all their backstories and character arcs while nudging and adding to comic book original ideas. With all five seasons on Netflix, we get to see Bruce Wayne’s journey to becoming Gotham City’s greatest detective, and villains trying to make their way to being Gotham’s number one homewrecker. 

Number One: The Flash. Another CW superhero show – but the best one to watch on Netflix. Still airing on The CW, The Flash’s first five seasons on Netflix and they are amazing. With this show, we follow a man named Barry Allen. Barry becomes The Flash after getting struck by lightning in his lab, and doesn’t know what has happened to him until Star Labs reaches out, telling him that he isn’t the only new meta in the city. After losing his mother as a child to another speedster, he runs around Central City to help fight the villains the lightning also created. The CW has now confirmed The Flash for their 7th season, and season 6 should be on Netflix soon.

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