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Panic In The Parking Lot!

Watch out! Speeding drivers, old road signs, and insufficient traffic laws causing chaos in the back lot.

January 20, 2020

We might not think about it, but the traffic problem on the campus of WHS is greater than we imagined.  When so many new drivers are put into a parking lot combined with faculty not obeying traffic, leads to stress fueled disaster. For instance behind the high school near the CTE rooms, drivers speed and neglect to watch where they are going. Many just look right past the one way drive sign; and others avoid hitting kids walking to school on a daily basis.

Kids walking can easily be in the blind spot of someone’s car resulting in a tragic accident when oblivious of your surroundings. In fact Cosmetology teacher, Miss. Craft claims she almost had one of those accidents. “I was almost hit when walking from kids flying back there without looking!” She exclaimed. The once safe one way back lot was not always this hectic. “It was not an issue before, but now everyone does it. I don’t think people realize it’s a one way road.” Says Craft.

The chaotic jumble of cars rolling through these lots , however all anyone is worried about is themselves being on time.The safety of our students and faculty should be far more important than reaching the doors before the bell. Being late causes people to speed but Insurance Institute for Highway Safety claims 20% of car accidents occur in parking lots. The maximum speed that should be driven in a parking lot is 15 mph. However, new student drivers often fly through the lot not thinking anything bad could happen in a simple parking lot. 

So next time you find yourself in the back parking lot, remember that the rules of the road do apply and to watch out for oncoming traffic and pedestrians. Or it could end up being you in the next accident.

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