What Are you Thankful For?


Gavin Yohn, editor

This holiday season, we asked some of our staff and students what they are thankful for leading into their Thanksgiving break. These are their responses: 

Mr. Dan Studer, Dean of Students: “I’m thankful for the opportunity to live and work in Massillon, Ohio with my family and friends.”

WHS junior Isabella Miles: “This year I’m thankful for this six-day weekend we are getting for the break and that Massillon (football team) has made it to the (state) semi playoffs.” 

Mrs. Lisa Markely, Career Connections Teacher: “I’m thankful my kids are coming home for the holidays- thankful that I have such amazing students this year and that I can hear about their Thanksgiving stories from after break.” 

WHS senior Lila Ragheb: “(I’m thankful) for having a roof over my head and being able to live my best life.”

 WHS senior Lauren Turner: “(I’m thankful for my family, my best friend, food, TikTok, and Netflix.” 

And finally we ask our vice principal Renee Parr what she was grateful for this holiday season and she didn’t have to think long. “My family, my friends, and my job that I’ve had with Massillon City Schools for the last  28 years,” she said with a big smile. She then added, jokingly, “Bet you didn’t think I was that old.” 

No matter what you’re thankful for this holiday season, it’s clear that our staff and students have a lot to be thankful for and are grateful for each other and their community.

Be sure to comment below and tell us what your thankful for!