New Generation

        Anyone who has ever owned a social media account had probably seen a meme or two about vegans. The line “you’re an animal murderer” has been a classic line for humor for the last decade but it is not much of a meme anymore. 

       As generations go on it is inevitable that social views change and morph to fit the rest of society. One of these being vegetarianism, or the more “extreme,” veganism. For anyone who doesn’t know, both of these involve cutting out meat from an everyday diet. For vegans, dairy is also cut. As health becomes an improving topic, newer generations such as Gen Z and Millennials are making it easier to access vegetarian friendly diets, unlike before. But why?

       Growing up, the recent generations are used to seeing “memes” about how vegans act. Though, over time young adults and teenagers learn and experience this specific way of living. One might wonder why older generations never taught this way of living, and some may have, but not to the extent of societal changes. As Millenials grow up, the Gen Z’ers learn from their way of teaching. Showing their children better ways of living became a priority and can give some credit to the ever-growing social media. Through apps like Snapchat and Instagram, health accounts are always available, and are just one click away. 

        As much hate as there is love for this trend, it is obvious that it is something that is not going away anytime soon. When given the opportunity, young generations are more likely to follow the lead of those in past generations, and ultimately choose how they want to lead those to come.