Environmental Club

A warm summer day, a breezy autumn night, a bright white winter morning, a blooming spring afternoon. The cycle of seasons is one of the most beautiful sights in nature, but without proper care for our earth we share, these seasons will no longer be something to look forward to. Pollution and litter are the most common environmental problems a community tends to face. Thankfully, Washington High School is announcing a brand new club designed to maintain a clean community and share sustainable tactics to the members.

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Environmental Club has not been an active club at Washington High School for exactly 10 years. Two students in particular, myself and Eric Sweat, thought it was necessary for improvement in our school and community. “To me, it serves as an outlet for people who are passionate about the environment and have a desire to learn. I want students to be active and involved in their community.” says Sweat.

The first meeting will be held in Mrs. Palaski’s room (A210) on Thursday, November 14th, at 2:45. The meeting will consist of informing students about the passions of the club, along with the goals they plan on achieving during the school year. If you have any questions or concerns, Mrs. Palaski will be more than welcome to assist.

If you are a student who enjoys being outside, volunteering for the community, has a passion for the environment, or even likes getting a little dirty, Environmental Club might be the entryway for you!