Does Size Matter?

Imagine who the top 10 students in your grade are, how hard they work, the classes they take, and all the organizations they participate in. They all work hard to compete for their class rank spot out of 294 other students. Now imagine having only those top 10 students in your entire graduating class. If you’re from Bloomfield, this is your everyday life. 

On October 21st, the Tiger Eye News staff traveled to Youngstown State University for their 81st Press Day Event, open to the youth press and media students wanting to absorb new information from professors. While in one of the sessions, we were introduced to a school whose graduating class has just 10 students. Knowing that the 2020 graduating class is a little under 300 students, our jaws could not help but gape. After the session ended, we found Olivia Foster and Catrina Wright and asked them about Bloomfield, the tiny township with an entire population of around 1,900 people which barely beats out Washington High School’s population of nearly 1,500 students.

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Bloomfield’s mascot is the Cardinals.
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Massillon’s mascot is Obie the Tiger.










We found out that Bloomfield High School does not even have a football team. In fact, the sport they confide in is softball. We received Olivia’s contact information for an official interview because we were so intrigued about life in such a small town.


TEN: What are the traditions your school has for your ‘big’ sport (softball)?

OLIVIA: On away game days, we all dress up in formal clothes, but for home games everyone wears team apparel. After we win a game, we get in a big circle and get all hyped up. Also, the following morning someone will bring in donuts for the team.

TEN: What is one thing you would change if you could (about small town life)?

OLIVIA: I wouldn’t mind having more students. More people to play sports, more people to hang out with, more people to compete against. If I could wave a magic wand and make our sports elite, I would do it. I think we would have better sports if there were more people.

TEN: What are the best and worst parts of small town life?

OLIVIA: The worst part about living in a small town is definitely the amount of driving. There is not really anything in walking distance, like a Taco Bell down the street. We typically hang out at friends houses or maybe go hiking when it’s nice out, we cannot do things like you might in the city that is accessible to you. The best thing about small town life is the space, the quiet, and the connections you make with people. The acreage gives us plenty of outdoor things to do. For example, I like to ride four wheelers, hike, and in the winter it’s really cool to snowshoe through wooded trails. 

TEN: How competitive are your classmates for class rank? 

OLIVIA: Every single one of us has over a 3.5 GPA and our school is rated high in academics by the state (our classes are not weighted). We are all extremely organized and study profusely in an attempt to get higher grades than our classmates. (NOTE: Their senior class has 10 students, one male and nine females.)

TEN: What kind of bond do you have with your classmates?

OLIVIA: My class is very close knit, we all put in tremendous effort to help each other while trying to help ourselves. It’s somewhat of a paradox, the competition brings us closer together. Although you may want a better grade than someone else, you want them to succeed too. It’s constantly pushing yourself to be better and that leads to them pushing themselves even harder. I owe some of my success to my classmates for helping me throughout the years.

TEN: What are some of the big events or places in your community?

OLIVIA: There’s one huge event every year over the July 4th weekend, which is the Ox Roast,  where the fire department roasts ox and serves them as sandwiches to people over a huge fire. There is also an open air antique mall with people coming from all over to buy, sell, or even trade pretty much anything you can think of. There’s tons of food options with ice cream being the most popular thing to get, either from the End of the Commons or homemade Amish ice cream. There’s always live entertainment as well, bands and teams of dancers come from all over to perform at our event. Overall it’s a pretty cool thing. 

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Olivia is also a member of Bloomfield’s journalism class who decided to interview us about our way of life in Massillon, which you can check out here Overall, this chance meeting with members of such a small town really opened our eyes to how lucky we are to be from the city of Massillon. Although this encounter did have us wondering the age old question, does size really matter?